MINT Ventilation systems take the warmer, drier air from the attic space and channel it to selected areas in your home.

MINT ducting is more efficient than the standard foil ducting used in many ventilation systems.

It is insulated, and also protected by a polywrap outer skin. Three layers (not one) mean quieter, more efficient operation.

Air/Heat Transfer
A perfect partner for a MINT Ventilation system, an air transfer system will take surplus, heated air from a room where it is not required and transfer it to another room.

This further improves the efficiency of the ventilation system and maximises the available free heat – taking it where you want it, whenever you choose.

Fresh, Filtered Air
A breath of fresh air! Our summer kit air systems take cooler, outside air and channel it into your ventilation system. Perfect for sticky summer evenings, fresh air will help keep your home cooler.

Freshly circulated air is good for you, particularly if you suffer from the likes of asthma or winter aches and pains.