Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Sizing and Design
Heat pump installation design is very important to the value you get in regards to heating and cooling in your home, you need to get the heat pump sizing correct or you’ll find that your unit won’t deliver the result you want and cost you more money in power because it’s too small to do the job.

At MINT Auckland, we’ll visit your home and carry out a no obligation consultation and establish what size and model is needed for your home.

We can work off plans and design a system that’s integrated into your home if you’re building or renovating.

There are many heat pump units to choose from including ducted, bulkhead, hi-wall, cassette and floor consoles. We help you select the system that’s right for your house, so you’re getting what you need at a fair price.

Heat Pump Installation
You will receive professional installation that’s not only done correctly but also we pride ourselves on getting it done on time for you. Your unit will be installed by our experienced qualified team so you can be assured of a tidy job and a Heat Pump that meets your needs.

Not only do MINT Auckland install Heat Pumps but we also service the units for optimum performance and efficiency. With your Heat Pump your protected by a warranty because we are accredited installers. However, should you have a breakdown, you can contact us for a prompt reliable service.